Belgium Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Association (BeNeCLA)

The constitution was ratified on December 20th 2008

1. The Association is known as the Belgium Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Association (abbreviated BeNeCLA). Its purpose is to promote Cognitive Linguistics and usage-based approaches in general at the national and international levels. It supports, among other things, contacts and cooperation among its members, the development of research projects, curricula and international graduate and doctoral programs in Cognitive Linguistics, as well as the organization of conferences and workshops. The association establishes and maintains a webpage that publicizes its goals and current activities.

2. Members are expected to support the goals of the association. One can join the BeNeCLA by contacting the secretary of the association.

3. Membership is free of charge; any changes concerning the question of membership fees and other changes of the constitution will have to be decided by the Assembly of the association by a two-third majority of the members present.

4. The BeNeCLA periodically holds its own conferences. The time and location of these conferences are recommended by the Governing Board. As a rule, the conference takes place every two years, preferably alternating with the ICLA conference.

5. The BeNeCLA Assembly consists of all members of the association who attend an open and publicized business meeting held during a regular BeNeCLA conference.

6. The Governing Board of the NeBeCLA consists of the President of the association and five to six additional members, who support and advise the President. One board members is secretary and one board member is webmaster. The composition of the Governing Board should reflect a variety of cognitive-linguistic fields, languages, universities and research institutions. To maintain continuity, the board will preferably consist of the past president, the organisor of the previous conference and the organisor of the next conference.

7. Members of the Governing Board are elected by the Assembly for a two-year term at the business meeting during a regular BeNeCLA. Board members can be reelected for an immediately subsequent second term only once. Exceptions are possible for the secretary and the webmaster. Nominations for all board positions can be made by every member by prior notification to the acting President or from the floor during the Assembly of the association.

8. The President of the association executes the decisions of the Assembly, conducts its business, and represents the association vis-à-vis universities, research institutions, other associations, and in the public domain.

9. The President gives a report at the NeBeCLA Assembly on the activities of the association during his/her term of office.

10. This Constitution became official upon approval by a two-third majority of the Founding Assembly convening during the conference “Leidse CogLingDagen” on December 20th 2008.