Babel: the language magazine

Populariserend tijdschrift over taal, misschien een interessante publicatiemogelijkheid voor BeNeCLa-leden.

Popular-scientific journal on language in general, perhaps an interesting publication forum for members of BeNeCLa.

Read, teach from, or write for Babel – The language magazine?

Babel – The language magazine ( is a quarterly language magazine, launched in 2012 and edited by academics at the University of Huddersfield, but aimed at non-specialist readers from around the world, bringing news and research about language and linguistics in an accessible and colourful format, both print and digital. Articles cover a vast array of language lovers’ lore, taking in languages from around the world, the past, present and future of language, and the many different uses of linguistics in the world around us. In addition to feature articles, there are regularly recurring features including Ask a Linguist, Meet the Professionals, Languages of the World, Lives in Language, Language Games and more.

For an issue guide spanning all issues since 2012, see the Babelzine website, which also features a free sampler issue and the equally freely accessible inaugural issue.

Would you like to read Babel, and/or use it in teaching? Start reading from £23 a year (European rate) for an online-only subscription, or get your institution to take out an institutional subscription (from £69) which will allow everyone within the institution to access the online version, using a log-in and password.

Better still, would you like to contribute to Babel, writing about your own research topics in a different way and for a different — almost certainly much larger — audience? Get in touch with the editors to discuss your ideas at Detailed guidelines for contributions of different types are available in the FAQ section of the Babel website. The longest type of article (the feature article) typically has a word count of between 2,500 – 3,500 words.

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