DGKL/GCLA-9 (September 23-26, 2020)


The 9th International Conference of the German Cognitive Linguistics Association (DGKL/GCLA-9) takes place at the University of Erfurt (Erfurt, Germany) from 23rd to 26th September 2020.

Its framing topic is “Cognitive Linguistics as an Interdisciplinary Endeavour: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges”.

The conference will also make an active contribution to the further development of the vibrant Cognitive-Linguistics community of Europe. More specifically, we seek to develop new forms of cooperation between the national Cognitive-Linguistics associations whose representatives are kindly invited to join us.

Plenary speakers:

Framing the conference by bringing in a broad repertoire of methods from corpus linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycho-/ neurolinguistics, typological linguistics and language-acquisition research, the plenary lectures highlight important dimensions of the interdisciplinary approaches that characterise much empirical work in contemporary Cognitive Linguistics.

We look forward to welcoming the following colleagues to Erfurt:

Ewa Dabrowska (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg),

Dirk Geeraerts (KU Leuven),

Natalia Levshina (Universität Leipzig),

Sabine Stoll (UZH, University of Zurich),

Kristian Tylén (Aarhus University),

Stefanie Wulff (University of Florida).

Specialized workshops:

“Cognitive Linguistics and the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language” (organised by Friedemann Pulvermüller)

“Sprache und gesellschaftliche Öffentlichkeit” (organised by Anatol Stefanowitsch, Alexander Ziem and Thomas Herbst)

More info: 


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