2 PhD positions in Language & Interaction: Daily Dutch and Aphasic Dutch

University of Groningen, Faculty of Arts Center for Language and Cognition

The PhD positions are part of the NWO-funded Vidi research project “The Conversation Frame: Linguistic Forms and Communicative Functions in Discourse”, awarded to Dr. Esther Pascual. The program examines the relation between language, interaction and cognition, i.e. what Pascual calls ‘fictive interaction’. The main focus is on (intra-)sentential interactional structures –often expressed through direct speech– that reflect the conversational pattern of turn-taking. Examples are: “an attitude that says ‘what’s in it for me?’”, “a ‘what’s in it for me?’ attitude”. The language data will be daily and aphasic Dutch discourse from adult native speakers. The program is organized around two related PhD projects. We are inviting applications for one of these PhD projects.

-Project 1 (1,0 fte). ‘Fictive Interaction’ in Daily Dutch (vacancy 210089) The PhD candidate will examine the different forms and functions of (intra-)sentential conversational structures in various genres, through the study of a wide range of oral and written corpora of old and modern Dutch.

See for application details the separate advert at:

-Project 2 (1,0 fte). ‘Fictive Interaction’ in Aphasic Dutch (vacancy
210090) The PhD candidate will examine the use of (intra-)sentential interactional structures as adaptation strategy in natural conversations of speech-impaired individuals with Broca’s aphasia (e.g. “Joe: ‘oh dear, oh dear’” for “Joe was really worried”; “Sugar? No!” for “I am a diabetic”).

See for application details the separate advert at:

*Deadline for applications: 1 April 2010*

Vriendelijke groeten,
Esther Pascual

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