ICLA Newsletter FALL 2015

Dear Colleagues,

For ICLA, 2016 will be an important year. Membership registration will not take place via De Gruyter Mouton anymore but instead via the ICLA website www.cogling.org. And members can now choose between membership with or without journal. As we have invested quite a lot of money in developing the new website and as maintaining the website will als require money, it is important for the success of ICLA new style that we have sufficient members. We would be thankful if you see a possibility to spread the attached newsletter among the members of your affiliate organization and/or to put it on your website.

The success of the Cognitive Linguistic Enterprise is for a big part based on the activities of the affiliate organizations. It is the intention of ‘ICLA new style’ to strengthen the relation with the affiliate organizations. More specific proposals will follow in 2016.

For now, we wish you a relaxed Christmas break and a good transition to 2016!

Maarten Lemmens, President ICLA

Ad Foolen, Secretary/Treasurer ad interim

About benecla

Belgian Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Association
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